RBO Tuff Tusk

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Tuff Tusk is made right here at Razorback Outfitters!

Wild hog attractant is a unique "sourmash" formula developed by Razorback Outfitters. For years avid hog hunters have used the little known secret of attracting hogs over long distances by the use of fermented corn. Now you too can carry that same powerful odor into the woods without all the hassle. TUFF TUSK comes in a handy 2oz. misting bottle that allows you to cleanly distribute the scent on surrounding trees and shrubs. You will find it much easier to carry this light weight bottle than huge bags of corn or bait! On a windy day the fine mist can even be sprayed into the air creating a cloud of scent that will be clinging to everything in it's path! Anyone who has used the sour mash method knows that the smell is unbearable. With this fine mist bottle you can keep the scent away from you and on the trees where it belongs. Unlike other scents that begin to wear off over time, TUFF TUSK's odor gets more potent as it begins to dry.  TUFF Hunters Chasing TUFF Game Use... TUFF TUSK!

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review