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3 M Precise Multi-Shot Disposable Skin Stapler System

3M™ Precise™ Disposable Skin Stapler

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Product Details

The 3M Precise disposable skin stapler dispenses box-style versus arcuate, suture-style staples used in the 3M skin stapler. Both the box-style and arcuate-style “floating” staples provide several performance advantages, including optimal wound closure and support.


  • Simple design with few parts is economical to use and delivers consistent, reliable results.

  • Small size with forceps actuation style allows for versatile use, even in less accessible body areas.

  • Automatic staple release eliminates staple hang-ups.

  • Preview staple position provides excellent visibility of staple at placement.

  • Preloaded with 15 disposable staples.

  • 3M's patented acurate staple in the  Disposable Skin Stapler has a similar gather as a suture, reduces burying, and has curved legs that leave space between the skin and staple for easy removal using any staple remover.

  • The Disposable Skin Stapler has the familiar standard box-style staples.

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