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Attractant Triple Play Combo

Triple Play Hog Hunting Attractants Combo Deal

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Product Details

FERAL FIRE Sow in Heat Spray  plus  BOSS HAWG Dominant Boar Spray plus  TUFF TUSK Wild Hog Attractant  in a Triple Play Combo.  30% off the individual pricing and Half the price if bought in 1 oz bottles.
 Experience the same success with these attractants as hunters all over the world.. Just look at these testimonials below!


Hey there,just came back from a hog hunt in south carolina w/2 other guys,in 2 1/2 days we killed 8 hogs,there were 6other guys hunting there also and they shot 7 hogs we used both the gel and spray,i had hogs 40 yds away with the wind going right to them and they never new i was there in till it was to late ,,LOL LOL ,when we were packing the hogs in the coolers one of the other party came over and started b/s ing and said you guys did real well,we only shot 7 for 6 guys,then i let him in on what we were doing and i gave him the rest of the sow in heat and he could not beleave it,even the guides said thats the best they have smelt and the first time they saw it ,thanks again will be in touch,next hunt is not in till sept. - Wally Johnson

I hadn't had a chance to use what I ordered from razorback outfitters last year so my dad grabbed the boss hawg dominant boar scent and put it to use yesterday. He was in his stand exactly 19 minutes when this 325lb russian boar came by. 3" tusks and from nose to tail it was 5' 9" long. Chris Johnson - Texas

I had a great experience with that Tuff Tusk you sent me. Last night I saw the largest pig I have ever seen and two medium ones. - SSG. Harmes, Edward A. US Army Infantry

Got a bunch of pigs night before last. First ones of the fall. I forgot to tell you, we trapped the hogs with tuff tusk. I had put some in a scent bottle and had hung it inside the trap. - John Bonicelli - East Texas

Hi, your product was a great success. 5 big boars were caught the very first hunting day. - Ebay Member Carla 643
I sprayed two pumps out both side windows of my box with your new ferrel fire at dark watching my feeder at 117 yds with my scope it pulls in more light and just like a picture a perfect siloutte of a large boar head appears in my scope ! he was 20ft in frount of me! 2cond biggest hog ive ever killed this stuff works...going back this weekend try it again!! THANKS Charles Wallace

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