Hog Hobbles

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Product Overview

These hobbles come in sets of two, to fully hobble one hog. Great for securing hogs to get them out of the woods alive.  This design also allows the hog to be able to walk and its circulation is not restricted during the wait. Simply slip the nylon through the D-ring making a loop and slip the loop over the feet and pull tight. The hog will be tied and ready to go! VERY sturdy construction!

  • Medium - 16" length x 3/4" wide - All Color Combos (Out of Stock)
  • Large - 18" length x 1" wide - Orange & Black Color Combo (Only 1 left!)
  • We can make any size/color combo request
  • Made of double layer nylon webbing with a heavy duty center ring
  • Washable and Durable


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review