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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of our most commonly asked questions about hog hunting, hunting supplies and more.

How do I know if I have Wild Hogs on my property or hunting lease?

The pictures below will be of great help in determining if you do in fact have hogs in your particular hunting location. Sometimes hogs can remain hidden from hunters for long periods of time by only moving and feeding at night, but as the pictures below will show, there are many signs left behind when hogs are present in your area.

What's the best attractant to use in my area?

The best attractant for your area is based on two different factors. What's in your area and what do you want to shoot? If you are looking to get as many hogs under your treestand as possible and you aren't really sure how many are in your area, then one of our food type attractants or feeder additives is your best bet. You also want to use these attractants if your main goal is to shoot as many "meat hogs" as possible. If a trophy boar is what you're after, you first want to make sure you have one in the area and then decide which type of sexual attractant would be best to use given the size of the boar. Any of our sow in heat products work great for this, but our dominant boar products should be reserved for when you are truly hunting a big boar, as smaller boars tend to steer clear of any area when a dominant boar product is used.

Do hog calls really work?

Hog calls can be an excellent addition to your arsenal if used properly. The squealer calls work very well after a shot has been made and you want to simulate a smaller hog in danger. Many times the sows or boars will return to the area due to their protective nature and another shot can be made. The grunter calls work excellent to cover your noise traveling to and from your treestand or setup. Many times a group of hogs will write you off as another hog as long as long as they don't catch your wind or see you standing upright. Another excellent way to use a hog call is immedietly after your feeder goes off. They're not callled greedy pigs for nothing! If hogs hear what they think are other hogs eating in a particular location, they will often times come running into your feeder.

Can I hunt hogs at night?

Check your local game laws, but in most states, wild hogs are condsidered a nuisance animal and on private land can be killed at the discretion of the land owner. In some areas of the south, hunting hogs at night in the summer can be very productive since the warmer months tend to keep the hogs moving more at night.

How does Wild Hog taste? I heard the boars aren't worth eating?

Wild hog meat is some of the leanest pork you will ever come across and is one of the most delicious wild game meats you will ever eat. Of course the smaller hogs are better eating, like any other animal, big boars, if killed quickly and the meat is cooled and cared for properly, are great eating. Sausage is the preferred method of butchering the bigger hogs, but smaller ones can be smoked whole and grilling the backstraps of any size hog is beyond words!

What payment methods are available?

You can order from Razorback Outfitters, Inc. with a money order (US and Canada only), a major credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express and Paypal), or with a Razorback Outfitters Gift Certificate. All transactions are made in U.S Dollars.

Should you choose to pay with a money order, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on where to mail your money order. To pay by money order you must go through the shopping cart.

We use a THAWTE VERIFIED SECURE SHOPPING CART so you can be sure that your order information and credit card details are secure.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you're product arrives damaged or you have purchased the wrong size clothing, we'll happily provide you a refund or exchange (minus the shipping amount) within the first 30 days of the date you place your order.

How to place an order.

Click the picture or the link below the picture of the item you would like to buy.

Choose your size, color and quantity. Once finished, click the "BAG IT" button.

Continue through the shopping cart by entering your shipping details, choosing your payment method, and so on.

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I have a problem ordering online.

If you are having problems ordering, one or more of the following may help:

Make sure to enter the exact billing address appearing on your credit card statement

Try re-starting your computer

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If these solutions don't work, please contact us.

Do you offer wholesale?

Razorback Outfitters offers wholesale pricing to dealers and re-sellers. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Shipping information.

We ship to anywhere in the U.S. and most countries internationally. Shipping takes 7-15 days for all orders in the US and an additional 3 days to International destinations. Packages in the U.S. are sent via the U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail. Please make sure you can receive mail from the Post Office at the address you supply. We are unable to grant requests to send our packages via UPS or Fed Ex, even if you want to use your own account.

Domestic Shipping and Handling Rates.

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International Shipping and Handling Rates.

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Countries we currently ship to.

Razorback Outfitters ships only to the following countries: United States Canada and World Wide, with the exception of Iran, Cuba, and Syria.

Rush Shipping

Rush shipping is dependent upon product availability and workload. Please contact us directly by phone to determine if we can rush your order. To find out when your order will arrive, check our shipping schedule. We are unable to grant requests to send our packages via UPS or Fed Ex, even if you want to use your own account.

Our Return Policy.

All products are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for 30 days. 

If anything has been damaged upon shipping your purchase will be refunded, (minus the shipping amount) within the first 30 days of the date you place your order.

Returned shirts must be unworn and unwashed.

Dog vests and collars bust be clean and free from dog hair. Due to the dangerous and rugged nature of hunting with dogs, returns are not execpted on vests or collars that have seen the abuse of being used in encounters with wild game, unless it is determined to be as a result of a defect in craftmanship. These types of damages are part of normal wear and tear.

Electronics are warranted by the manufacturer and returns or exchanges should be processed thru them. All other hunting supplies must be returned in the original packaging, complete with all parts.

No returns or exchanges on discontinued or clearence items.

Although we do our very best to provide quality protection for your hunting dogs; Razorback Outfitters assumes no liability, either express, written, or impled for injuries incurred to yourself or your animals during encounters with wildgame or other dogs. Hunt and use our gear at your own risk.  

How to send in your return.

What You Can Return

Razorback Outfitters, Inc. unconditionally guarantees all products we manufacture and sell at our online store to be free from defects of workmanship.


If you are not satisfied with the fit, quality, color, or size of a shirt, you may return the product within 15 days of purchase.

Items that have been laundered or altered in any way cannot be accepted for return. any way cannot be accepted for return.

Dog Cut Collars and Cut Vests

Returns of cut collars and vests must be clean. Soiled or laundered will not be Exchanges can be made for other sizes. Customers are responsible for additional postage and restocking fees for exchanges. Payment should be included in return shipment or by credit card by calling us at 616-214-4382. Customers should include, if exchanging for larger size vests, payment for larger sizes should accompany the return. Returns are accepted 30 days of purchase. Returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Shipping fees are non refundable.

How to Send in Your Return:

If you would like to return merchandise purchased at our online store please follow these instructions.

Please note that items purchased online cannot be returned at our retail stores.

Place the items you wish to return in a box

You must include a copy of the invoice

Please provide a brief reason for your dissatisfaction

Send to the following address:

Razorback Outfitters

PO Box 65

Hadley, PA 16130

The sender is responsible for return postage. We urge you to use priority mail or a carrier that generates tracking numbers, as we will not be responsible for lost packages.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for receipt and processing of your return. Once your credit is processed, a copy of the credit memo will be emailed to you.

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