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Thank you for visiting Razorback Outfitters LLC for all of your hog hunting needs. Whether you hunt with rifles, bows or run dogs we strive to bring the best products at affordable prices to make your hunt a success!

Razorback Outfitters Mission is to deliver quality hog hunting products to hunters all over the world through great Customer Service, shipping orders within two days of placing your order. We also offer customers the option to ship overnight at current Postal Rate prices for those last minute hunting needs.

Best Products

We tests our products in the field through the assistance of our experienced Advisory Team. Reviews on products are readily available on the internet, but testimonies in the field from our guys ring truer to us.

We value our customers, and refuse to sell products just to make a sell. We take great pleasure talking personally with our customers about which products would work best for their given situation. Conversations have also led to new products for us , after hearing the success you’ve had in the field.

It’s rewarding to receive pictures from your successful hunts using products you purchased from us. So take a moment and email pictures of your trophy boar or sows.

We look forward to serving you in the future and all the best of luck in the field.

New Arrivals

  • Click to view Muscadine Swine full image

    Muscadine Swine

    Price: $12.99 more
  • Click to view Spartan Bikini Bay Vest full image

    Spartan Bikini Bay Vest

    Price: $89.99 more
  • Click to view Blind Side R - Motion Activated Feeder Light full image

    Blind Side R - Motion Activated Feed...

    Price: $69.99 more

Featured Products

  • Click to view Hog Dog First Aid Trauma Kit full image

    Hog Dog First Aid Trauma Kit

    Price: $99.99 more
  • Click to view Hog Dog Cut Vest - No Drop Top full image

    Hog Dog Cut Vest - No Drop Top

    Price: $89.99 more
  • Click to view Gladiator Cut Vest full image

    Gladiator Cut Vest

    Price: $175.99 more

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