Raz Jelly Hog Attractant

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Product Overview

Our customers have had so much success with the Sour Apple Mash, we wanted to give them another variety. For hogs with a sweet tooth. In fact this stuff sounds so yummy you might be tempted to take a lick yourself. Mix with some cracked corn, submerge in water and let it stand. Creates a powerful hog mash. Works great if you dig a hole and dump the corn and ingredients in. Porkers can't resist it! Do not put this in a mechanical feeder! It is an ultra fine powder, and will get sticky in hot weather. It was designed to coat and stick to anything you put it on. Use it straight, shake it all over your favorite baits or traps to super charge them. Or mix a small handful with each bag of dry corn or feed, add some water and let it sour. Easy and simple to make! They will find it fast!  4 oz. package.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review